Pedro Chávarry was elected as the new Prosecutor of the Nation


Perú. Today the Board of Supreme Prosecutors decided Pedro Chávarry as the new Prosecutor of the Nation. In the month of July, Chavarry must assume the position for three years, replacing Pablo Sánchez.

Professional profile:

Prosecutor Chavarry is a lawyer graduated from the San Martin de Porres University (USMP) and has a doctorate in law from the National University Federico Villarreal (UNFV).

Chavarry was in charge of the First Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office and in May he had been appointed president of the Board of Directors of the Academy of the Magistracy.

He has received recognition as distinguished visitor in Nicaragua and has been declared Doctor Honoris Causa by universities of Cusco, Arequipa and Huánuco

In February 2014, he was called to assume the position of Public Prosecutor. However, the Board of Prosecutors decided that it represented the institution before the National Elections Board. Chavarry talk back in RPP that the election choice was settled.